When you were first born, you were born with a massively powerful gift of freedom.

This was the freedom of choice to use your God-given talents and strengths in this world to create a life of meaning.

So…how’s that going?

If you’re like many people, it’s not going well at all. 

You’ve forgotten what your talents and strengths are, or never even knew what they were. 

And, you’ve forgotten you even had a choice about how you will spend your very short life span here.

As a result, you’re feeling like a failure.  You’re miserable because you see time slipping away and there is nothing you can do to keep the feeling of your unfulfilled soul’s emptiness at bay. 

You try, though.  

You push it away by distracting yourself with food, entertainment, shopping, and vacations.  But you still feel that emptiness.  A longing.  A wishing for more; more meaning, more fun, more LIFE.

That’s because you were meant for more.

What, nobody ever told you that? 

Well, it’s about time somebody did.

Because this life… YOUR LIFE… it’s BIGGER THAN MONEY.  Incase you forgot. 

Why Do I Say Bigger than Money?   Simple: It Gets in Our Way .  A Lot.

It’s not that I’m trashing money.  I love money.

Money isn’t bad.  Money gets us where we’re going.  It’s a form of energy, like electricity ( I love that too!).  It partially powers our lives, so we do need it.  The problem is that most of us tend to get addicted to it and then we make the mistake of selling our souls in exchange for more, more, more! – Without understanding what we are doing.

If we sell our souls for money, or do things we hate for it, or don’t get to use our true talents and strengths earning it, or don’t create a life of meaning with it, what did it really get us? 

If you said: a stressful, lackluster life filled with dread — you are correct!

Money is a tool that needs to be better understood. 

There are lots of ways to earn and use money that involve you being happy.  Didn’t you know that? 

There are lots of ways to live a life filled with meaning that also require much less money – but you probably didn’t know that either.  

If you’re ready to truly live, I promise I can help you get into gear, figure things out and get you on your way to a successful life of freedom. 

When I say “freedom”, I’m not talking about retirement, where you spend your time doing more meaningless stuff with your life, just waiting to die.  

I’m talking about the freedom you were born with – your ability to choose to create a meaningful life using your God-given strengths and talents.   The freedom to REALLY LIVE.

You can’t even imagine it right now, how incredible it will feel to be alive in the way you were meant to live. 

I want you to experience it!