I recently read a Bloomberg article about the “contagion” of the financial crisis.  I think it was titled, “No Escape”. 

It talked about the fact that, now that the world is so interconnected, it has become much harder to invest in things that are a sure bet; things that won’t or can’t be affected by the mistakes of a global financial system that is so inextricably intertwined. 

 “There are no more safe havens”, they say, meaning “it has become harder to determine how to make a living as a stock/bond investor with little risk and high return”.  

My interpretation: it is getting harder to grow our wealth while sitting on the sidelines. 

We are entering times where it is more necessary than ever to take initiative and remove OURSELVES from the sidelines via new thinking, new risk-taking, new strategies and new ways of valuing our lives.

We are coming into an era where “hiding” in “safe havens” simply isn’t a workable option, and sure as hell better not be a life strategy.

We are suddenly being forced to do better than that. 

It’s about time.

 As a human being, unless we’re being chased down by rabidly ferocious dogs, hiding is overrated, right?   We were meant for more than that.

 Running and hiding all the time keeps us from fully interacting with life.  We can’t smell the roses, savor the sunset, or master our lives. 

 Why?  Because we’re so busy being afraid all the time.

 When we are forced out of a lifestyle built on “hiding in safe havens”, all of a sudden we are summoned to get back to real living  – overcoming our fears, standing up, standing out, and believing in ourselves and others.  Then, the miracles start to happen.

 We build things, create things, forge new paths and learn as we go. 

 We face our fears, think on our feet, and suddenly, we are part of something big again.  

 Life becomes exhilarating.

 “Stock portfolio?  –What stock portfolio?  — I’m too busy living to worry about that!”, we’ll be saying.  “Did you see what we created/did/are doing – instead?”

 So let’s thank goodness we’re now at a stage where we can no longer pretend we can collectively run and hide from our lives anymore by sitting on the “market sidelines”.

 Now, instead of waiting for our profits to roll in as we sit back, we get to be bold about the business of living so that someday we can look back and say we “truly lived”.

 Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

 I’m all in.  How about you?